Wahoo KICKR Direct Connect Module

$ 139.95
KICKR DIRECT CONNECT is a hard-wired connection that delivers the best virtual training and E-Sports experience by reliably transferring your workout data. Now when riding in urban areas or crowded signal environments, your virtual rides and online race go uninterrupted, so you're never off the back due to a dropped signal.

Wahoo's latest accessory for the KICKR Smart Trainer let's you worry less about your connection and focus on your virtual ride at hand. No more drop outs or mixed signals, KICKR DIRECT CONNECT attaches your KICKR to your router for a constant streaming virtual ride or race. Compatible with many 3rd party apps including The Wahoo SUF Training App, TrainerRoad, Fulgaz and many more.

To install, connect the KICKR DIRECT CONNECT pod and the KICKR quick disconnect cable together, plug the quick disconnect cable to the KICKR, and finally connect the Direct Connect Pod to your router or computer via ethernet cable (not included).


- Compatible Devices -

  • KICKR V5 (WFBKTR120)
  • KICKR V6 (WFBKTR122)


- Compatible Services -

  • Wahoo SYSTM
  • Zwift
  • FulGaz
  • Trainer Road
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