The Faster, Lighter Tyre Insert

Since its first introduction, Tubolight proved to be the winningest tyre insert and the only one triumphant in all disciplines.

We tested many different solutions, looking for the best combination between flat protection, speed, shock absorption, stability, and weight. Hence why each version has its own shape and compound. The two main reasons why tyre inserts exist are to protect from pinch flats and to improve ride quality, but with Tubolight, a whole new standard is attained.

Studying how pinch flats occur and how tyre inserts interact with the tyre and the rim, Tubolight moved material right where it needs to be, over and outside of the rim bead. The portion over the rim bead is increased by 30% to 60% depending on rim width, and together with a harder compound, rim hits are drastically reduced. The super tight fitting is retained because that’s an incredible bonus for added lateral stability and avoiding tyre burp.