A riding experience in a class of its own

Our wheels are made of full carbon and not so-called hybrid models. This means that the spokes are also made of carbon, thus creating a wheel from a single mould. The wheel hardly twists at all, the Lightweight full carbon wheels bring performance to the point and ensure efficient power transmission without losses. Feel the indescribable riding feeling and how your power is burned into the asphalt.

Our passion and love is for high-strength fibers, which in combination with epoxy resins remain ultra-light but develop enormous strength. We consistently rely on extremely high-quality materials and are always working on the best composition for our carbon wheels. Because we manufacture wheels from full carbon and do not rely on hybrid models, the result is a wheel that looks like a single piece. Thanks to the laminated carbon spokes, the wheel hardly warps at all and thus brings performance to the point.

The development of our wheels by hand is a unit of various components, which are carried out by experienced experts. Genuine unique pieces are created with a passion for perfection. This is how we can guarantee you the highest quality and offer you a first-class riding experience.