Wahoo KICKR AXIS Action Feet

$ 129.95

To create a more natural, comfortable ride feel, the new AXIS feet allow a bike installed onto the trainer to smoothly tilt up to 5 degrees from side-to-side with each pedal stroke in a controlled, realistic motion.   The customizable cushioned feet respond to movements from changes in tempo and body position, mimicking the side-to-side movement experienced when riding outdoors. 

Included in box for new KICKRv5. 

Accessory sold separately for all previous KICKR models.



  • KICKR 14 / 15 (WFBKTRNR)
  • KICKR 16 (WFBKTR116)
  • KICKR 18 (WFBKTR118)
  • KICKR V5 (WFBKTR120)
  • KICKR V6 (WFBKTR122)


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