Computer Mounts

A better user experience, every ride! The K-EDGE computer mount’s CNC aluminium design is far and away more advanced and secure than the plastic options on the market.

They started with one goal: make the most advanced, rock-solid cycling computer mount available. K-Edge succeeded with their original Garmin mount. This know-how and production expertise is focused to fill the market’s want for the ultimate upgrade computer mounts from Wahoo, Garmin, SRM, and more to come.

K-Edge take zero short cuts in the design, testing, and production at their Idaho facility. Their goal is not to make it less expensive, it is simply to make it the best. This is showcased in our their Garmin Time-Trial mount with its first of its kind mechanical locking system.

We are confident that upgrading to a K-EDGE computer mount will give you piece of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best way to securely lock and perfectly position your computer on your bike so you can focus on your goals, whether that be having fun or going fast, or both.