Ready to experience next-level braking performance?
Maximize the braking power of your stock calipers with Kogel disc brake pads.

Brakes are meant to help you go faster, one of our favorite things to do. They do this by giving you the ability to control speed. Our custom sintered formula and Ceramic Barrier mean better control, and less time spent braking. 

Last rider to brake wins! It's true, races are won in the corners. Those who can brake last going into the corners and scrub less than the other guy will come out in the lead. Kogel disc brake pads give you the best control in any braking situation.

Two Compounds to Choose

Designed for the way you like to go fast, our two versions, Kratos and Bia, offer optimal braking for where you ride. 

Choose Kratos compound for best durability in wet environments and intense braking. These pads reach maximum potential with some heat buildup from cornering and descending.

Choose Bia compound for rides where braking isn't a constant. Imagine going uphill for 30 minutes, then railing the hairpins on the way down. This softer compound has great bite, hot or cold, and is best kept in dry conditions.

Keep The Heat In

Kogel disc brake pads feature our exclusive Ceramic Barrier technology designed to keep the heat where it belongs, on the pads, not the rest of the system. This gives you the optimal brake system performance scenario; cool fluid and hot pads. 

Made with 100% non-toxic recyclable material so you can feel good about protecting the trails you love.