KOGEL High Quality Bearings believe their products set the gold standard for your bicycle bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys and wheel bearings.

Their premium Silicon Nitride bearings used to make their products is the perfect combination and have an unparalleled set of material properties that make the best in bicycle bearings. Silicon Nitride is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. On top of all that, ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidise meaning longer life.

That's why KOGEL only offer podium-grade ceramic bearings in all their products.

What Bottom Bracket do I need?

Follow our simple 3 Step process and you should select one without error. You’ll need a set of Vernier Calipers for this part.

1. Measure the ID of the Bottom Bracket Shell
2. Measure the Width of the Bottom Bracket Shell
3. Measure the Diameter of the spindle on the crankset

Once you’ve written all this down – check the handy guide here or jump into the appropriate category here.

KOGEL's Guaranteed Performance Warranty

KOGEL's Guaranteed Performance Warranty is the best-in-industry. Use the heck out of your KOGEL products, if they fail in the first year they will send you a new set.
A bearing service will extend this warranty for the second year. Pretty simple right?

Check out KOGEL's "Very Few Questions Asked" Warranty info here!