KOGEL 3803 Ceramic Bearing

$ 135.00
SKU  K-3803-C

Size: 17 x 26 x 10mm

Cross Seals (Green)
We always encourage and recommend the use of Cross seals where possible.

Bearings for any application!
Ceramic bearings are known to improve performance in all areas of a bike. These bearings are for any application you see fit! From Freehubs to Wheels, Pivots Axles - there is no application a Kogel ceramic upgrade isn't recommended.Wheel bearings are among the fastest rotating parts on a bicycle. They are also under constant load and there are usually six of them, which means twelve seals. For all these reasons it is worth upgrading from the stock bearings that came in your wheel set.

The Kogel Bearing Advantage
Kogel ceramic bearing balls are smoother and rounder than any steel bearing because of their material properties. Silicon Nitride can be polished much smoother than steel. Also, it does not compress as much as steel, leaving the contact points with the bearing races very small and not squashed like a tennis ball under load. Compressing any material under load and trying to roll it will cause unnecessary drag. When we talk about wheel bearings - 2 bearings in the front, 2 in the rear and 2 in the freehub, it is worth considering what you want from your seals. The Kogel Bearings road seals are built to create the lowest friction we can get out of a sealed bearing. The cross seals are built to have the best protection against the elements. We always encourage Cross seals for longevity however you can pick whichever best suits your riding style and you get the same Kogel warranty.

Choosing the right bearings
Now that you know why a ceramic wheel bearing upgrade is important, we get to the hard part: which bearings are in your wheels? We recommend consulting with your local bike shop to strip your hub prior to ordering these parts. Alternatively for Corima and 3T Hub upgrades - you can consult with us to help you further.

All bearings sold separately.
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