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Pirelli’s experience and the reliability of SmartNET™ Silica technology combined with the tubless-ready comfort and the resistance of the Armour Tech™ technology facilitated the creation of  a new clincher tyre with a unique DNA, perfect for long-distances and various terrains:

Armour Tech™

The Armour Tech™ is a patented casing derived from the Motorsport experience of Pirelli: a unique mix of Kevlar fibres in the compound which creates a chemical barrier against punctures together with a layer of fabric that goes from bead to bead that increases the ability to resist against penetration from every angle and an extra layer of anti-puncture fabric under the tread.  The 60tpi tubeless-ready casing is specifically designed for road-endurance application, exclusively patented for Pirelli.  The tubeless-ready configuration provides extra suppleness and better speed to a unique casing in its category.

SmartNET™ Silica

Pirelli SmartNET™ Silica technology delivers high rolling efficiency, thanks to its natural anisotropic orientation, which reduces heating while increasing elasticity, to help minimise energy dissipation.  Enjoy highly reliable wet grip. The wide surface of the silica rod molecules enhances its natural water affinity, delivering confident handling on wet. 
Puncture resistance and extensive mileage. Pirelli’s SmartNET™ Silica compound features microscopic rod-shaped particles, that are arranged systematically, rather than chaotically, creating a strong, long-lasting tyre.

Sized from 26-622 up to 35-622 make it ready for Granfondo riding as well as long adventure rides, all in a tube and/or tubeless-ready configuration.  Cinturato Velo is compatible with hookless rims according to ETRTO 5bar/73psi max pressure limit.


Cinturato Velo700x26C (26-622)300g60tpi, TLRArmour TechSMARTNET SILICA
Cinturato Velo700x28C (28-622) 340g 60tpi, TLR Armour Tech SMARTNET SILICA
Cinturato Velo 700x32C (32-622) 360g 60tpi, TLR Armour Tech SMARTNET SILICA
Cinturato Velo 700x35C (35-622) 410g 60tpi, TLR Armour Tech SMARTNET SILICA


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