GARMIN vivofit 3 Fitness Tracker Black - XL

$ 159.00
SKU  010-01608-04
Get up and get moving with vivofit 3. It's the only activity tracker with a 1+ year battery life and backlit display. It even reminds you to stay active throughout your day with its move bar with audible alert that lets you know when you've been idle for an hour or longer.
Activity Tracker with Move Bar and Alerts...
  • Intensity minutes - keeps track of more active periods
  • Activity Prompt - remind you to stay active with move bar and audible alert
  • Customization - learns your activity level and proposes a personalized daily goal
  • Sleep monitoring - also shows steps, calories, distance and time of day on backlit display
  • Automatic Sync - use Garmin Connect to save, plan and share progress
  • 1+ year battery life


**Intensity Minutes**
Monitors your activity intensity and tracks your time spent participating in moderate to vigorous intensity activities - work toward achieving your weekly goal by participating in at least 10 consecutive minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activities.
Activity Timer
Monitor how long you spend on walking or running with the built-in timer.
Step counter with Personalised Goal
Learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal.
Move Bar
Displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it.
Sleep Monitoring
Monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep.
Automatic Activity Detection
Captures different activities automatically, and view them on Garmin Connect online!
Fitness Metrics
Captures steps, calories and distance.
Includes accelerometer and wrist-based speed/cadence trackers so foot pod not required when indoors.
Calories Burned (requires optional HRM)
Heart rate-based calorie computation.
Garmin Connect
Online community where you analyze, categorize and share data.
Wireless Automatic Sync
Automatically transfer data to your computer.
  • Straps - 165 to 225 mm (circumference)
  • Weight - 26.0 g
  • Display size - 10 x 10 mm
  • Type - mono LCD (includes backlight)
  • Water Resistance - 5 ATM
  • Battery - 1x CR1632 replaceable coin cell
  • Battery life ~ 1 year
  • Sensors supported - wireless HRM (not included)
  • Synchronisation - wireless, automatic
  • GPS - no
  • VIRB control - no
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