Astute SUNLINE VT Black, Black, Titan

$ 99.99

Innovation. High technology. Italian craftsmanship. Unique design. The Sun collection is the latest project developed by Astute Labs to provide the highest level of safety, comfort and performance for the most demanding riders. Flat design for on-road endurance riding and long training sessions.

SUN LINE VT features dedicated dimensions - with a width of 145mm instead of the traditional 135mm - and is designed to provide higher comfort and performance for riders with larger sit bones. The inner shell is made of 15% carbon-fibre reinforced nylon, while the outer shell is made of nylon. An innovative construction enhances the saddle's look while maintaining a clean silhouette and improving performance, as it significantly increases the padding space while preserving the same volume and, as a result, reduces pressures in the perineal area and ensures ultimate comfort.

Black painted titanium rail with tubular Titan-V Technology - 80% titanium and 20% vanadium. Lightweight, durable and anti-vibration for full comfort and reliability.

VT seat (from "verta", i.e. "open" in Venetian dialect), designed with a central cut-out to eliminate pressure peaks in the pelvic area. The tension arc is created with a perfectly balanced weight distribution for smooth, comfortable riding. Ultimate comfort, lightweight and high performance.

Features Memory Foam padding to provide better comfort in the perineal area - firmer in the back to support the sit bones, and softer on the front.

SUN LINE VT is protected by three international patents and is exclusively handmade in Italy according to strict local regulations.


Discipline: Road

Shape: Flat

Rail: Titanium

Weight: 200g +/-8%

Size: Regular (145 x 260mm)

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