Garmin Vivofit 4 Speckle - Small/Medium

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  • No Charging Necessary - activity tracker with 1+ Year Battery Life, even with always-on customisable colour display
  • Keep Moving - tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalised daily step goal
  • Water Resistant - safe for swimming and showering
  • Wireless Sync - periodically syncs to Garmin Connect, where you can save, plan and share your activities, get involved in social challenges and more
  • Garmin Move IQ - feature automatically detects activity and classifies activity type on Garmin Connect


Find more ways to beat yesterday with easy-to-use vivofit 4. It brings you activity tracking and the freedom to keep moving without taking a break to recharge. With its 1+ year battery life, vivofit 4 is perfect to wear 24/7, so you're always tracking your activity, automatically classifying it with Move IQ and so much more.


24/7 Wearable
The vivofit 4 activity tracker follows your progress 24/7 and lets you ditch the charging cord, thanks to its 1+ year battery life. It's also safe for the pool or the shower, and its always-on colour display is bright and easy to see, even in the sunlight. Let your personality shine through by customizing the screen with colour themes, watch faces and text phrases or by swapping out the band for a different one. Accessory bands are available in various colours and styles.


Convenience on Your Wrist
With vivofit 4, we're bringing you several new tools designed to make life a little more convenient. Use the weather widget for a quick, illustrated look at what the day is going to bring. Set an alarm in the app that will go off on your device, or even set a countdown timer right from your wrist to remind you when it's time to turn off the oven. Misplaced your phone? vivofit 4 can help you with that, too.


Get Moving, the Easy Way
No need to manually start and stop your activity timer - Move IQ has you covered. It can automatically capture and classify different activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and using an elliptical. For walks and runs, it can even start an activity timer automatically. Review the captured data later on Garmin Connect.


Personalised Activity Tracking Plus Motivation
vivofit 4 inspires you to get up and move. In addition to tracking steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, it also tracks periods of inactivity. A coloured move bar fills up to alert you if you've been stationary for too long. Reset it by walking for a couple of minutes. vivofit 4 even learns your current activity level then assigns an attainable daily step goal. As you meet your milestones, it will adjust your goal for the next day, gradually nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle.


Share and Compete
Throughout your day, vivofit 4 periodically syncs to Garmin Connect2. The Garmin Connect app makes it easier than ever to beat yesterday. Bold, colorful activity cards provide all your statistics at a glance. Scroll down to easily compare today's totals to past results, or tap in for more detailed information. Activities and other health measurements recorded by your device are presented in vivid detail. And the data you see is customised just for you and the way you move, without all the filler.


Step Challenges with Your Kids
Use the Toe-to-Toe feature to challenge your kids to a step competition. Your vivofit 4 activity tracker can wirelessly connect to your child's nearby vivofit jr. 2 or even another vivofit 4 to kick off an instant timed step competition. It's all controlled right from the wrist, and once the competition is over, you'll both see the total number of steps during the one-on-one challenge and find out who triumphed.



Intensity Minutes
Monitors your activity intensity and tracks your time spent participating in moderate to vigorous intensity activities - work toward achieving your weekly goal by participating in at least 10 consecutive minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activities.


Auto Goal
Learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal.


Activity Timer
Monitor how long you spend on walking or running with the built-in timer.


Step counter with Personalised Goal
Learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal.


Move Bar
Displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it.


Sleep Monitoring
Monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep.




Automatic Activity Detection
Captures different activities automatically, and view them on Garmin Connect online!


Fitness Metrics
Captures steps, calories and distance.


Includes accelerometer and wrist-based speed/cadence trackers so foot pod not required when indoors.



Garmin Connect
Online community where you analyze, categorize and share data.


Wireless Automatic Sync
Automatically transfer data to your computer.




  • Strap Circumference - 122 to 188 mm / 148 to 215 mm (small-medium / large)
  • Weight - 25 / 25.5 g (small-medium / large)
  • Display size - 11 x 11 mm
  • Type - colour LCD
  • Water Resistance - Swim (5 ATM)


  • Type - 2x SR43 replaceable coin cell (user-replaceable)
  • Life - 1+ years


  • Protocol - Bluetooth Smart, ANT+
  • Smartphone compatibility - Android, iPhone
  • Sensors supported - n/a
  • Synchronisation - wireless, automatic
  • Memory - 4 weeks of activity data
  • GPS - no
  • VIRB control - no



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