Astute STARLITE i-PROF VT Black/White, Black, Carbon

$ 179.99

With the Star family Astute introduce a new range of road products. An innovative project that owns two international patents based on an aerodynamic single shell nylon-carbon, completely developed along the strategy that makes Astute saddles known for sportsmanship and exquisite design. The curved shell offers a different base for the athletes sit bones and the open "U" shaped shell zone introduces a new standard for ergonomics and aesthetics.



Weight: 210 gr +/-8%

Measurements: Length.270 mm - Width.145 mm


MEMORY FOAM PAD: the main principle of Astute is to exclusively use memory foam padding for all saddles. For the Star collection we use Bi-Density, high comfort in the perineum zone and firmer support in the sit bone area of the saddle.



ASYMMETRIC REAR DESIGN: the saddle changes perspective, the rear part becomes asymmetric and it introduces new rules, materials used for luxury products, soft touch with fresh colours which expresses new character and aids comfort and support for the rider.



TOP DESIGN SYSTEM: This all new design concept allows integration of an open U saddle with additional benefits as well as all of the benefits of a traditional saddle.



COVER DESIGN SYSTEM: Seamless technology in construction which allows for a 360 degree visual masterpiece in total design perfection.

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