SOL Phoenix Survival Multi Tool

$ 54.94
SKU  0140-0838

The next generation of the Survive Outdoors Longer's tools. The Phoenix is the most innovative multi-purpose fire starting tool on the market that incorporates 8+ survival tools into one small pocket knife size multi-tool. The only thing missing is the firewood.



Retractable Flint
The most compact flint and steel striker in a multi-purpose tool

Multi-tool Knife
A fixed blade knife with a serrated blade that is made to be used as a striker and includes a bottle opener, size 3-7mm wrench, and flat head screw driver.

Tinder Compartment
A water tight tinder compartment keeps your tinder dry

LED Light and Belt Clip
Use the LED light to light your way around camp. Clip the tool to your hat to make a headlamp.

Signal for help with a built in whistle.



  • Size - 105 x 33 x 37 mm
  • Weight - 83 g


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