Garmin Fenix 5X Multisport GPS/GLONASS Premium Watch - Wrist HRM/Sapphire Glass

$ 999.00

Striking Design, Strong Performance...

Athletes and adventurers come in all sizes. That's why the fenix 5 series offers multiple models that vary in size to fit every wrist and every workout. Each version offers a variety of stainless steel finishes, QuickFit watch band combinations and premium feature sets to give you the look, performance and lightweight comfort to match both your aesthetic and athletic interests.



  • HR at the Wrist - Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology for HR without the chest strap.
  • Chroma Display - bright, high-resolution, full-colour with LED backlighting.
  • Activity Tracking - counts steps, monitors sleep, uses HR data to provide calories burned and quantify the intensity of your activities
  • Smart notifications - receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch
  • Garmin Connect - auto uploads for live tracking and social media sharing through Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile applications
  • QuickFit Wristbands - interchangeable bands; no tools are required
  • Performance Widget - key stats at your fingertips including the effects and progress of your workouts
  • Connected Features - smart notifications, Garmin Connect auto uploads
  • Connect IQ store - personalization through free watch faces and apps
  • Water Resistant - for go-anywhere confidence, all fenix 5 versions are water-rated to 100 meters


  • Scratch-resistant lens - fenix 5 / 5S / 5X SAPPHIRE models ONLY
  • Wi-Fi-enabled - fenix 5 / 5S / 5X SAPPHIRE models ONLY
  • Full Navigational & TOPO Mapping - fenix 5X ONLY



Dual Networks
Every fenix 5 series watch features advanced GPS and GLONASS satellite reception to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone.

Built-In ABC Sensors
Comprehensive navigation and tracking using GPS plus ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass) sensors, in addition to the internal gyroscope to help improve position accuracy (and battery life) in UltraTrac mode



Training Status and Training Effect
Show aerobic and anaerobic benefits of your workout.

VO2 max estimator
Crunches data to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute.

Recovery Advisor
With a recovery timer and recovery check.

Race Predictor
Estimates your ideal finish time based on your current VO2 max number.



Performance Condition
After running for 6-20 minutes, fenix 5 compares your real-time condition to your average fitness levels

Lactate Threshold
Through analysis of your pace and heart rate, fenix 5 estimates the point where your muscles start to rapidly fatigue

Running Cadence
Number of steps per minute

Stride Length
Shows your stride length in real time.

Vertical Oscillation and Ratio - REQUIRES HRM4-Run
The degree of 'bounce' in your running motion and the benefit ratio to stride length

Ground Contact Time and Balance - REQUIRES HRM4-Run
Shows how much time, in the running motion, your foot is on the ground rather than in flight and lets you check your running symmetry

Stress Score - REQUIRES HRM4-Run
Fenix 5 measures your heart rate variability while standing still, for 3 minutes, to provide you with an estimated stress level. The scale of this is 1 to 100; low scores indicate lower stress levels



Track your distance, pace, stroke count and more.

Gives you yardage to the front, back and middle of the green for any single course you've downloaded from Garmin Connect – and also adds enhancements such as stat tracking (fairways hit, etc.), Green View, AutoShot detection and auto measure.

Puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter (with Auto Pause for the lift line) and more at your fingertips.

Paddle Sports
Includes stroke count, stroke rate and even distance per stroke.



Physical (fenix 5)

  • Dimensions - 47.0 x 47.0 x 15.5 mm
  • Display - 30.5 mm, 240 x 240 pixels
  • Weight - 85.0 g (w/ silicone band)

Physical (fenix 5S)

  • Dimensions - 42.0 x 42.0 x 14.5 mm
  • Display - 27.94 mm, 218 x 218 pixels
  • Weight - 67.0 g (w/ silicone band)

Physical (fenix 5X)

  • Dimensions - 51.0 x 51.0 x 17.5 mm
  • Display - 30.5 mm, 240 x 240 pixels
  • Weight - 98.0 g (w/ silicone band)


  • Type - Rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Life ~ up to 9 days in smartwatch mode (depending on settings) / up to 14 hours in GPS mode / up to 40 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode

Water Resistance

  • Rating - 10 ATM (100 metres)


  • Synchronisation - wireless (BTLE)
  • GPS-enabled - high-sensitivity receiver
  • VIRB control - yes
  • Supported sensors (not included) - Varia smart lights and radar, Varia Vision HUD, ANT+ power meters, ANT+ speed and cadence, ANT+ HRM, ANT+ foot pod, ANT+ temperature sensor


  • Maps - preloaded AU/NZ topographic mapping (fenix 5X ONLY)
  • Routes - 30
  • Waypoints/locations - 1000
  • Track Log - 200



  • fenix 5X Sapphire
  • Charging/data cable
  • Documentation
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