Stages Power Carbon Spindle - for SRAM, SRAM DUB MTB, Specialized, Race Face

Spindle Type


Got Power? Stages Power Carbon is designed to be compatible with SRAM Road, SRAM DUB MTB, Specialized S-Works and Race Face Next SL cranksets with the addition of a Stages spindle.

Six bottom bracket spindles allow for the new carbon Stages Power meter to be used for SRAM road, SRAM DUB MTB, Specialized S-Works and Race Face Next SL MTB crank sets.
Stages BB Spindles are specifically designed to meet or exceed the performance of the manufacturer's stock component, while allowing the retro fit of the new carbon Stages Power meter to a rider's drivetrain. In many cases, adding this new Stages Power meter solution reduces the weight of the drivetrain - all while adding the precision metrics associated with the original Stages Power meter.
Spindle 'A' - SRAM RoadBB30
  • SRAM Red 22
  • SRAM Red Exogram (2012 or newer)
  • Cranks must have an integrated spider and NO drive-side spacer
  • Spindle Length - 100.75 mm
Spindle 'B' - SRAM Road BB30
  • SRAM Force 22
  • SRAM Force CX1
  • SRAM Force 1
  • SRAM Rival 22
  • SRAM Rival 1 (+OEM Red and Quarq Red cranks w/Drive-side spacer)
  • SRAM Red386
  • SRAM Red version on BBRight Cervelo P5 (SRAM 386 w/QUARQ-ready spider)
  • Spindle Length - 113.5 mm
Spindle 'C' - SRAM MTB BB30/PF30
  • Compatible with SRAM mountain cranks (w/9mm drive-side spacer)
  • SRAM XX1 (168 q-factor) (eagle and non-eagle)
  • SRAM XX (168 q-factor)
  • SRAM X0
  • SRAM X01 (eagle and non-eagle)
  • SRAM X1
  • SRAM X9
  • SRAM NX and GX (eagle and non-eagle)
  • SRAM Riveal
  • Spindle Length - 122 mm
  • Not compatible with 156 q-factor versions of XX and XX1 or any fat bike version of SRAM mountain cranks (due to the extra-long spindle required).

Spindle 'D' - SRAM MTB OEM Cranksets

  • Compatible with OEM SRAM mountain cranks using a 15.5mm drive-side spacer
  • S2200
  • S1200
  • Spindle Length - 130 mm


Spindle 'E' - Race Face Next SL

  • Compatible with Race Face Next SL with 134mm width spindle
  • Spindle Length - 134.5 mm

Spindle 'F' - Specialized S-Works Road BB30

  • S-Works Cranks (MY17/18) w/drive-side self-extracting bolt (incompatible with hirth-joint cranks)

Spindle 'G' - SRAM DUB MTB

  • For use with SRAM DUB spec MTB cranks