K-Edge Cateye Handlebar Mount - 31.8mm

$ 54.95
SKU  K13-700-BLK
Why the K-Edge Handlebar Mount for CatEye?
  • Keep your eyes on the road - positions your computer out in front of your handlebars
  • Safety for your computer - mount is CNC machined in Boise, Idaho, USA to be the strongest cycling computer mount available
  • Pro position - keeps computer flush with the top and in front of the handlebars
  • Carbon Handlebar Safe - mount fits 31.8mm handlebars and is 100% carbon fiber handlebar safe
  • Made in the USA - Lifetime Guarantee against material or manufacture defects (Damages due to abuse or crashing excluded)
- Specifications -
  • Position - out front, centred, aero position
  • Compatible - 31.8mm diameter handlebars
  • Weight - 28 grams
  • Materials - anodized aluminium
- Compatibility -
  • CC-RD500B "Strada Smart"
  • CC-GL51 "Stealth Evo+"
  • CC-GL50 "Stealth 50"
  • CC-GL11 "Stealth Evo"
  • CC-GL10 "Stealth 10"
  • CC-RD430DW "Strada Digital Wireless"
  • CC-RD420DW "Strada Digital Wireless"
  • CC-RD410DW "Strada Digital Wireless"
  • CC-RD400DW Strada Double Wireless"
  • CC-AT200W "Adventure"
  • CC-PD100W "Fit"
  • CC-RD310W "Strada Slim"
  • CC-RD310W "Strada Wireless Universal"
  • CC-RD300W "Strada Wireless"
  • CC-MC200W "Micro Wireless"
  • CC-COM10W "Commuter"
  • CC-PA100W "Padrone"
  • CC-VT200W "Velo Wireless"
  • CC-VT210W "Velo Wireless+"
  • CC-VT220W "Urban Wireless"
There is something to be said for looking down on your ride and seeing a K-EDGE mount on your handlebars and knowing your computer is held on by the best...