Garmin TOPO Great Britain microSD Maps (Southern England & Wales)

$ 185.00
Trek through the highlands and the lowlands with precisely-detailed topographic maps. TOPO Great Britain: Southern England & Wales includes terrain contours, topo elevations, summits, routable roads and paths, parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes and geographical points. These detailed maps are ideal for hiking, hunting, cycling and communing with nature. 

- Coverage -

Includes topographic coverage of Wales and England from Peak District National Park, Sheffield and Nottingham to the whole of the South, including the Scilly Islands and the Isle of Wight.

- Features -
  • Provides detailed digital topographic maps with topographic data from Ordance Survey of Great Britain.
  • Contains summit locations with elevation, detailed contours, and trig points.
  • Allows you to search by city, geographic point, summit, lakes and more.
  • Provides elevation profile on compatible devices so you can estimate terrain difficulty.
  • Contains many routable trails, tracks and paths.
  • Includes points of interest such as parks, scenic lookouts and picnic sites as well as lodging, food, petrol stations and hospitals.
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