Prestacycle Micro Co2 Inflator (Metal)

$ 28.99

The new Standard in light, reliable inflation!

Prestaflator Micro is a superlight CO2 inflation head and more! We’ve combined technologies to make a head 33% lighter than any other major brand, and provides secure, leak-free connection with the greatest possible inflation control!

The Cartridge is the flow control Knob

The best way to inflate CO2 is with a variable flow knob.  The bigger the knob, the better the flow control.  Prestacycle introduces it’s revolutionary design – the Cartridge is the Knob!  Save weight, size and complexity with our design.

Secure, no-loss connection

Prestaflator Micro uses a threaded Presta / Schrader head.  Secure attachment with a perfect seal insures you don’t loose any CO2.  100% of the cartridge contents will go towards inflation

Easy operation

You can install the cartridge first, or put the head on the valve first.  Prestaflator Micro works perfectly either way.  When you screw the cartridge onto the head – NO CO2 will flow.  There is no-loss from installing the cartridge.

To inflate, Slightly un-screw the cartridge, and inflation begins.  The more you unscrew, the faster it flows.  Works great – even for seating tubeless tires.  If you close the cartridge again, flow stops completely.  If you leave the cartridge on, it will retain the contents for an extended period of time.



  • 33% Lighter and smaller than any major brand
  • The Cartridge is the Knob!
  • Turn Cartridge (instead of a knob) for precise flow control
  • Secure Presta / Schrader Threaded head prevents loss
  • Only 12 grams weight!
  • Precision Machined alloy for long life
  • Compatible with CO2Pump for a 48 gram total Pump option!
  • Compatible with our Compressor Adapter for unlimited inflation!
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