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Conceived to offer protection and mileage for longer lasting properties in various riding conditions, from leisure weekend rides to urban commuting. 

Pirelli combines its advanced developments in compound and construction technology, Pro Compound and tube-type TechWALL+™, resulting in a product which is reliable and versatile, for both long-distances and/or various terrains.

Compound: The PROCompound is an advanced rubber mix designed for high-mileage and durability without compromising wet grip.

Casing: TechWALL+ based on a 60tpi fabric, delivering superior suppleness together with a great air retention and easy fitting.  The reinforced layers make it highly reliable and durable without compromising rolling resistance efficiency.  This means superior puncture protection and high mileage, suitable for various applications.  The TechWALL+ Road is our best tube-type solution for an all-rounder tyre designed to go further.  


 Model Size Rim Weight Casing Technology Compound
Cinturato™ Sport 700x26C (26-622) 19C 325g 60tpi, tube type TechWALL+ PROCompound
Cinturato™ Sport 700x28C (28-622) 19C 350g 60tpi, tube type TechWALL+ PROCompound
Cinturato™ Sport 700x32C (32-622) 21C 410g 60tpi, tube type TechWALL+ PROCompound
Cinturato™ Sport 700x35C (35-622) 23C 440g 60tpi, tube type TechWALL+ PROCompound


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