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The Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X is Pirelli's latest innovation in the world of tubes designed to offer performance-enhancing solutions for your endurance rides and gravel adventures. The Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X is made with TPU, a material that can save up to 70% of the weight while being stronger than butyl as a raw material. 

This product is 3 times thicker than a standard SmarTUBE, giving you the benefit of being agile while still being extremely protected. This allows you to face any type of terrain and riding conditions. The Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X comes with a Presta valve, available in two versions covering the most commonly used sizes both on road and gravel set ups.

Highlights: The volume of the Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X saves 50% of space in your pockets, while being stronger than a butyl tube and saving up to 70% of the weight.

Protection: Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X is 3 times thicker than a standard SmarTUBE, allowing it to be extremely resistant and protected to challenge any obstacle on your ride.


 Model Size Weight Valve Material Compatibility
 Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X 700 x 28-40c  (28/40-622) 146g Presta 60mm, Black TPU Disc Brakes Only
 Cinturato™ SmarTUBE X 700 x 40-50c (40/50-622) 150g Presta 60mm, Black TPU Disc Brakes Only



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