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The most complete and versatile tyre in its range, now with TLR technology. The P ZERO™ ROAD TLR is intended to be the perfect solution for cyclists who are looking for a more balanced and all-round performance focused on endurance. Used as a training tyre by our professional riders, P ZERO™ ROAD TLR is the perfect compromise between speed and comfort and protection. An all-in-one product to accompany you on all your rides. The technology behind P ZERO™ ROAD TLR is the innovative TechLINER casing, a 120 TPI casing coupled with a rubber liner for better pressure retention, this coupled with the amazing grip and control of the Evo compound, allows for smooth reliable performance.

EVO Compound

The EVO Compound includes all those technical characteristics needed for an all-round performance: excellent rolling resistance and grip, good adhesion and long durability. As a result of the combination of these properties, the EVO compound has been optimized so to have the most balanced behaviour for the rider.

TechLINER Road

State-of-the-art TLR casing technology with an inner rubber layer for maximum pressure retention.


Rim compatibility developed under ETRTO standards and for modern wide rims.  Hookless rims subject to ETRTO 5bar/73psi max pressure limitation.


 Model Size Rim Weight Casing Technology Compound
P Zero Road TLR 700 x 28C (28-622) 19C 340g120tpi, TLRTechLINEREvo Compound
P Zero Road TLR 700 x 30C (30-622) 19C 370g120tpi, TLR
Evo Compound
P Zero Road TLR 700 x 32C (32-622) 21C 400g120tpi, TLR
Evo Compound
P Zero Road TLR 700 x 35C (35-622) 23C 430g120tpi, TLR
Evo Compound



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