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The Cinturato Gravel RC X is designed for the most demanding gravel courses for riders seeking the best performances in all racing conditions.

Using the same tread design from the Cinturato Gravel RC, the Cinturato Gravel RC X is the answer to all gravel racing requirements on rougher terrains: fast on the straights, thanks to a minimal central line knobs, and aggressive on the corners, with higher and more substantial knobs to support handling when cornering.

Our new TechWALL X tubeless casing construction features a reinforced and cut-resistant 60tpi fabric made longer to extend past the tread line, offering even more sidewall protection on top of the already present bead-to-bead protection layer.

Tread: Features a special tread pattern: with tall profile and widely spaced knobs on the sidewalls and low profile and compact tread spacing in the central area.

TechWALL X: 60tpi tubeless-ready gravel-specific casing with more overlap area and an additional bead-to-bead anti-puncture fabric.

SpeedGRIP Compound: Pirelli has created a proprietary rubber compound that allows for better performance and energy management with less effort whether riding on tarmac, gravel or more aggressive terrain. The SpeedGRIP Compound retains the same durability as its MTB counterpart (SmartGRIP) as well as its high wet grip, with a more efficient energy management decreasing the rolling resistance to a level very close to pure road racing tyres. This high-tech rubber compound is the product of experience gleaned from the off- road racing circuits monitored by Pirelli all over the world, both for 2 and 4 wheels.

The result is a compound with two diametrically opposed characteristics: 

  • tear resistance: maximum mechanical grip in dry conditions with a higher puncture protection and durability 
  • chemical grip: feel in control on any wet surface and weather condition, on and off the road

Gravel RC is compatible with hookless rims according to the ETRTO 5bar / 73psi maximum pressure limit.


 Model Rim Casing Weight Technology Compound
 Cinturato Gravel RC X 700x40C23C60tpi, TLR540gTechWALLSPEEDGRIP



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