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Made for those who race against the clock in time trials or triathlons.  P ZERO™ Race TT has been developed in collaboration with our professional athletes using our most advanced compound derived from the world of elite motorsports.This SmartEVO compound, paired with a superlight 120tpi casing makes the P ZERO™ Race TT the fastest, lightest tube-type tyre in our portfolio for when every a second counts!

Tread: The tread pattern of P ZERO™ Race is an evolution of the design of P ZERO™ Velo: several seasons of research and development on the roads of the World Tour led to a new design that enhances the behaviour of the bicycle in every weather condition.

Compound: Our experience in motorsport competitions and input from World Tour winners led to our best road cycling compound to date SmartEVO developed to offer a very low rolling resistance, great control at top speeds and an excellent grip.

Carcass: The 120tpi LITE casing is designed to achieve the maximum speed and suppleness: a lightweight carcass that enhances the riding experience.


P Zero Race TT19C120tpi, tube typeLITE200gSmartEVO
P Zero Race TT19C120tpi, tube typeLITE215gSmartEVO


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