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The Scorpion™ Race DH T is named after traction, whether in acceleration, braking or cornering. The special design of this tyre is engineered to provide grip in every phase of the ride, delivering superior control and braking power. The Scorpion™ Race DH T finds its best application on intermediate terrains.

Tread: The special tread design is engineered to chase traction in every situation: the knobs are evenly distributed across the tread and feature a special shape which maximises the control of the bike while braking, cornering and accelerating. The knobs can also be cut along the grooves when the terrain conditions are in-between mixed and soft.

Compound:  The SmartEVO DH Compound is the enduro and downhill racing specific formulation, born in the Pirelli Motorsport compounding department thanks to the multi-year experience in the motocross and rally World Championships.  The SmartEVO DH is Pirelli's most advanced compound ever, chosen by the best Downhill and Enduro PRO athletes.

- Racing compound
- developed and approved by PRO riders
- supersoft (42 Shore A), temperature stable

Carcass: DualWALL+ is the special structure dedicated to downhill and enduro racing. It is composed of a 60tpi full double-ply carcass together with a rubber insert in the bead area and an additional layer of fabric which stabilises the sidewall of the tyre.

Thanks to the experience of our factory riders we developed our most reliable carcass which provides support under high loads and in fast corners. DualWALL+ is the choice of the most demanding riders, with the most aggressive riding style.


 Model Size Weight TPI Casing Compound
 Scorpion™ Race DH T 29x2.5 (63-622) 1450g 60x2 TPI DualWALL+ SmartEVO DH
 Scorpion™ Race DH T 27.5x2.5 (63-584) 1380g 60x2 TPI DualWALL+ SmartEVO DH


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