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The Scorpion™ Enduro M is the most versatile enduro tyre in our range, designed for any kind of usage: daily riding on your local trails and racing in the weekend; a special tyre which delivers constant performances.

Tread: The design of the tyre has been developed with the help of former downhill World champions with the aim to craft a tyre whose behaviour is easy to predict in every kind of usage. The big and spaced knobs provide a solid feeling of stability together with superior breaking and traction grip.

Compound: The SmartGRIP Gravity is a soft compound, specifically tuned for demanding enduro riding in every weather condition. While being soft, the SmartGRIP Gravity is still very tear-resistant and provides good values of rolling resistance and wear.

Carcass: The HardWALL version is specifically designed for enduro usage providing good support and increased resistance against cuts and flats. It is intended for technical and demanding trails

Scorpion™ Enduro HW M 29x2.4 1100g 60 tpi, TLR HardWALL SmartGRIP Gravity
Scorpion™ Enduro HW M29x2.61270g60 tpi, TLRHardWALLSmartGRIP Gravity
Scorpion™ Enduro HW M27.5x2.61200g60 tpi, TLRHardWALLSmartGRIP Gravity


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