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Aggressive Enduro tyre for extreme and loose conditions, from dry loam to sticky mud

The tall profile and widely spaced tread pattern cuts into and grips any kind of loose or soft terrain.

The Scorpion™ Enduro is the best choice when riding on any kind of soft or lose terrain where grip and reliability are key factors.

Tread: The Scorpion™ Enduro S tread pattern is made up of deep and widely spaced knobs that bite into the terrain and provide maximum levels of grip. The height and rigidity of the tread increases grip in soft terrain guaranteeing traction and braking as well as excellent support when cornering. The specific spacing of the Scorpion™ Enduro S tread pattern also helps the tyre to get rid of mud.

Compound: The SmartGRIP Gravity is a soft compound, specifically tuned for demanding enduro riding in every weather condition. While being soft, the SmartGRIP Gravity is still very tear-resistant and provides good values of rolling resistance and wear.

HardWALL: The structure features a bead-to-bead protection and a hard rubber insert right above the bead for extra reliability for aggressive riding styles. Developed over modern bikes, the multiple reinforcements embedded into the casing are focused on either improving structural reliability as well as providing more support at lower pressures.

Scorpion™ Enduro HW S 29x2.41080g 60 tpi, TLR HardWALL SmartGRIP Gravity
     Scorpion™ Enduro HW S 27.5x2.4980g  60 tpi, TLRHardWALL  SmartGRIP Gravity
Scorpion™ Enduro HW S29x2.61080g60 tpi, TLRHardWALLSmartGRIP Gravity
Scorpion™ Enduro HW S27.5x2.61100g60 tpi, TLRHardWALLSmartGRIP Gravity




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