Blackburn Airstik SL Mini-Pump Gun Metal/Red

$ 39.99

The Airstik SL continues the evolution of one of Blackburn's classic, most renown pumps.

Shrunk down and stripped to it's lightest and most refined model yet. Capable of a mighty 160psi yet weighing only 59 grams.

Slim and unobtrusive aluminum, equally at home in a pocket or stowed next to your bottle cage with the provided bracket.


  • Presta-only head
  • 160psi max pressure
  • Weight: 59g


Blackburn have spent almost half a century bringing smart and reliable bicycle accessories to market without compromising on build or utility.

Catering to the essential requirements of the modern cyclist with:

  • Bright and innovative lighting
  • Quality tools, pumps and components
  • Genuinely useful seat, frame and handlebar bags

So if you're adventure bound or just doing the local rounds, focus on the ride ahead confident Blackburn has you covered.

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