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P ZERO™ Race TUB SL is the result of an endless research and development process on advanced materials - a racing tubular that provides the same speed and handling performance of its predecessor, with a record-breaking weight (35g less for a total of 275g). The perfect World Tour weapon. We obtained the same performances offered by a standard latex tube at a lower weight using an innovative TPU inner tube, giving our athletes an unexpected advantage.

P ZERO™ Race Tub SL sets a new standard for racing tubulars, both for World Tour athletes and amateurs.

Inner Tube: The revolution of the tubular starts from the inside: the inner tube. We replaced the standard latex with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a cutting-edge material that blends the same qualities of speed and puncture protection of the latex with a significant weight reduction.

Compound: The SmartEVO Compound features a single-compound formulation based on three different polymers, each of which provides opposite performances in a perfec blend. The advanced mixture of polymers with 'smart' behaviors are the key elements of the SmartEVO Compound, providing better grip and rolling resistance in any weather condition. The SmartEVO Compound is an high-performance chemical formulation developed for modern road cycling, from everyday training to World Tour racing. SmartEVO Compound is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO™ range

Carcass: P ZERO™ Race Tub SL is built on a fine 320tpi Corespun casing reinforced with aramid fibers for added puncture protection while delivering comfort and sharp handling. The dimension of the casing has been tested and developed for wide modern tubular rims.

P Zero Race SL TUB26-28"275gCorespun, 320tpiAramid fiber SmartEVO


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