950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolour 2 L-key set metric BlackLaser

$ 73.99

High quality set of L-keys for hexagonal socket screws in a practical clip made of wear-free material for lasting secure retention of the L-keys, with easy removal when required. Hex-Plus L-keys provide larger contact surfaces on the screw head. The notching effect is thereby reduced to a minimum; the destruction of the screw head is almost eliminated. The ball on the long arm allows safe working even in difficult mounting positions. The BlackLaser surface treatment provides excellent surface protection, corrosion resistance and long life. Laser coated abrasion-resistant size markings on the L-keys for quick access.

950 SPKS Multicolour
  • 05022678001
    1x 1.5x50 mm
  • 05022670001
    1x 2x56 mm
  • 05022671001
    1x 2.5x63 mm
  • 05022672001
    1x 3x71 mm
  • 05022673001
    1x 4x80 mm
  • 05022674001
    1x 5x90 mm
  • 05022675001
    1x 6x100 mm
  • 05022676001
    1x 8x112 mm
  • 05022677001
    1x 10x125 mm
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