K-Edge Dirt 3 Adjustable MTB BB Triple Chain Catcher - RED

$ 69.95
SKU  K13-230-RED

The K-Edge Dirt Adjustable series is designed to offer riders the freedom of choice between triple (Dirt 3), double (Dirt 2T), and double specific (Dirt 2) drivetrains while being able to utilize a K-Edge chain catcher for any of those situations with the simple 'swap' of a pad. Furthermore, it was designed to give the rider adjustability depending on his/her crankset


The Dirt 3 adjustable chain catcher is compatible with triple MTB cranksets utilising outboard bearing bottom adjustments.



The K-Edge Dirt Adjustable series can be used with cranksets compatible with a 'Bottom Bracket Mount' front derailleur utilizing external bottom bracket cups or NON-GXP bottom brackets. This device cannot be used in conjunction with an 'E-Type' front derailleur as it is mounted in the same location.



  • Dirt 3 Adjustable Pad: 22T-26T
  • Dirt 2T Adjustable Pad: 32T-36T
  • Dirt 2 Adjustable Pad: 26T-30T



  • 1x Dirt Adjustable Body
  • 3x 0.5mm Nylon Spacers
  • 1x Dirt Pad
  • 1x M3 x 0.5 x 6mm SS Bolt


Installation instructions can be found here: http://www.acecosportgroup.com/technical

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