FORZA Aero Outfront Mount Smartphone Set

$ 19.95

Not using a GPS but your smartphone on the bike? With this smartphone mount set you turn the Forza Aero Outfront into the Aero smartphone outfront.
Attach the mount to the top of the Aero Outfront. Wipe the back of your smartphone cover clean and attach the 3M strip to the back of your cover. The other side of the 3M strip you can attach to the smartphone mount that is already attached to the Aero Outfront.
Not feeling secure? You can use the 4 little bolts to extra secure your cover to the mount. Use the white sticker on the inside of your cover to make sure your smartphone won’t be damaged when putting it back in the cover.

Tip: use a cover you will only use for this smartphone phone. Sticking it and tearing it loose will lower to sticking power of the 3M strip.


  • smartphone adaptor
  • Lanyard
  • Mounting Tape and Alcohol wipe
  • 4 securing bolts

Does NOT include the FORZA Outfront Mount, this needs to be purchased additionally part # HBPAER4ZA003


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