eddy merckx SanRemo76 DISC Frameset Dark Blue White

$ 3499.00

This bike will always be linked to the legendary 7-time victory at Milan – San Remo. Eddy Merckx won it for the first time in 1966, as an unknown youngster
aged 21. 

The leading group started to ascend the Poggio, with Eddy sitting on the second row. Suddenly he attacked, looked back once to see who reacted and never dropped the pace until the top. Seven men followed, but in the downhill to the Via Roma, the group grew again. A sprint would decide the winner.

When looking back at the sprint, you can only classify it as legendary. Sitting down, showing his teeth while they were almost on his handlebar, elbows wide and a shaking butt: Eddy sprinting at the left-hand side of the road displayed an enormous amount of power after 288 kilometres.

But only the insiders sensed what kind of talent revealed itself there for the first time: “The very talented Belgian, who is predicted to have a very successful future by cycling insiders,” said Limburgs Dagblad the day after.

By the time it was 1976, Merckx had won the Classic 7 times and the whole world knew who Eddy was.

Winning the most difficult race to win on the cycling calendar 7 times was a great performance. That’s why we named this stiff, sprinting bike the SanRemo76.

What makes this bike special?

• The SR76 is designed with sprinters in mind. Every pedal stroke will be converted into watts.
• A flattened section in the seat stays provides vertical compliance without losing horizontal stiffness.
• The end result: Comfort without compromise when sprinting or accelerating.
• The eye-catching stripes that flow over the top tube and seat tube give you the feeling of motion
• Left, right, left, right. Like legs spinning when you charge towards the finish line.

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