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P ZERO™ Velo TUB is the result of several months of intensive development from Pirelli's R&D department, together with World Tour Pro cyclists and mechanics. All the elements of the final version of P ZERO™ Velo Tub were tested, adjusted and tuned in that environment: built on the finest 320tpi Corespun with aramid reinforced casing, latex inner tube for improved rolling and puncture protection; Yellow Soft compound for uncompromising grip and handling performances.

P ZERO™ Velo TUB is a ready-to-race handmade tubular tyre and is perfect for Grandfondo racing, as well as shorter high-paced races, whilst also being a solid and reliable tyre for everyday riding.


Yellow Soft Compound: The Yellow Soft Compound is a special rubber blend specifically developed for racing tubulars as it was born and developed in the World Tour under the supervision of professional cyclists. This special compound maximises handling and grip performances and delivers superior riding confidence in the crucial moments of the race without compromising on speed and cornering precision.


 Model Size WeightTPI  Anti-Puncture Compound
P ZERO™ Velo TUB700x25 (25-28)310g320tpiaramid reinforcedYELLOW SOFT 
P ZERO™ Velo TUB700x28 (28-28)330g320tpiaramid reinforcedYELLOW SOFT 






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