3T Side Load Carbon Bottle Cage - LTD Stealth (Left & Right)

$ 99.00
SKU  7010BOAW84

Colour: Black
Material: Carbon
Weight: 26g
Bolts: Stainless Steel

There isn't much to say about bottle cages, but when you use a frame bag, you know how difficult it is to get your water bottle in and out of the cage. The solution?Load the water bottles from the side.

Side loaders are also handy for smaller frames, where a large bottle is sometimes hard to insert due to interference with the top tube. With a side loader, even 750ml bottles fit on virtually all frames (certainly on all 3T frames).
These cages are made out of carbon, so ultra-light yet very strong, a perfect fit for your Exploro and Strada or Strada Due!

We recommend one left and one right cage per bike to allow for unloading on a the same side of the bike.

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