The New Era of Silent Oversized Derailleur Pulley Cages is Here.
Meet Carbon - Ceramic HOLLOWcage ®

For nearly seven decades, rear derailleur cage has not really changed much. Same old fashioned two-plate construction with very small bearings in the middle of the plastic pulleys, held together by two bolts.

HOLLOWcage ® changes everything. Our revolutionary mono-plate design is the quietest, best shifting, aerodynamic cage design created to date.  It is a dawn of new era for rear derailleurs.

Our HOLLOWcage ® has a carbon-polymer mono-plate construction with bespoke, oversized, full ceramic bearings and the most advanced silencing pulleys ever created.

It is offered in 5 different lower lockring color options: black, gold, red, titanium and pvd rainbow. The upper lockring and cage color is black only. 

$ 999.99
Lockring Colour
Coming soon