Founded in 1973 by Pierre Martin and Jean-Marie Riffard in Loriol-sur-Drôme in France, the name Corima is taken from COoperation RIffard MArtininitial who’s initial activities were making molds and models for the foundry, automobile and aeronautics sectors before moving into the bicycle industry in the late 1980’s. Looking at the modern aerodynamic integrated designs of many brands today it can be seen that Corima were significantly ahead of their time with their early frame molds and designs. Since then Corima have shifted away from frame technology whilst still concentrating on aerodynamic research to constantly try to reduce drag and increase performance via their World Leading Wheelsets. A passionate family owned and operated business from the very beginning, Corima are well known as pioneering French Carbon Composite Experts and have developed a worldclass reputation by leading the way in innovation, technology and superior quality Carbon products.