3T Strada - Re-inventing Aero
The world's first aero road bike optimised for wider tyres and a 1X drivetrain.
If 1X isn't you're thing... look no further, the Strada DUE has you covered.

The biggest factor in road bike comfort are the tyres; they provide more compliance than any other part of the bike. Wider tyres are better at reducing shocks from cracks, curbs, cobbles and potholes, which is why they are the norm at Paris- Roubaix. Wider tyres also have lower rolling resistance, because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing.

As the co-founder/owner of Cervélo, our Head of Design Gerard Vroomen loves aerodynamics. But rather than just theory, he’s interested in real world aerodynamics. So we test at 20mph (32kmh) and 30mph (48kmh), we test with bottles and other “difficult parts” for, we sometimes even test dirty and muddy bikes. But while the aero details of the Strada range stand out, he is proudest that it has started a worldwide trend towards more tire clearance on aero bikes.

Unfortunately such bikes now may have CLEARANCE for 25mm or 28mm tyres but they are still aerodynamically optimised for much smaller tyres. So you pay an aero penalty for bigger tyres. What sets the Strada range apart is that it not only fits 28-30mm tyres, it is aerodynamically optimised for those widths. Comfort & speed!

3T Exploro - N=1?
The world's first aero gravel bike optimised for 2.1" MTB tyres or 40mm Gravel tyre. The bike which does it all.

The Exploro is designed to fit road, cross and even mountain bike tyres following the GravelPlus standard. The road and cross tyres are 700c, the mountain bike tyres use the 650b size, ensuring that all of these have virtually the same overall wheel diameter and therefore the same predictable handling.

Why is aerodynamics important on allroad (asphalt, gravel, fire roads, single track) rides?

  • You may go slow off-road, but on the connecting asphalt sections you need road riding speed.
  • If you’re slow because of gradients, aero doesn’t matter much. But if it's due to head- or crosswinds, you're slow relative to the ground but very fast relative to the air and that’s what determines the resistance you experience (that’s exactly why you’re slow).
  • The Exploro is also a great road bike in its own right. When using it for fast paved (group) rides, any aero benefit is appreciated.

The key to the Exploro’s speed is the aero downtube that is wide enough to catch the airflow coming off the big front tyre (a skinny downtube wouldn’t even touch the airflow). But at 50mm wide, a full airfoil with a normal ratio would have to be 150-200mm deep, causing too much surface drag. So we square off the tail, keeping most of the aero performance with a 50x75mm cross section that is also close to perfect for strength and stiffness; our Sqaero shape. The wide downtube also effectively shields the water bottles.