January 25th, 2018
FE Sports

Ridley Bikes - Ride Your Dream

Belgium. A country where children can ride a bicycle before they can even walk. Where everyone comes outside to see a cycle race passing by rain, hail or shine. This is Belgium. This is where Ridley Bikes was born.

As a young rider, Ridley founder Jochim Aerts always expected the best from himself and his equipment. Unsatisfied with the bikes available to him, Jochim decided to build his own. Already a skilled bicycle painter, in 1990 he founded NV Race productions, a company that made bicycles for local bike shops and in 1997, Jochim started his own brand, Ridley Bikes.

Thanks to a constant commitment to innovation, Ridley have been pioneers within the industry and have remained in front of the competition from the very beginning. The tapered head tube was first introduced by Ridley on the 2001 Damocles model and is now a standard feature in the industry. When it comes to aerodynamics, Ridley have raised the bar time and time again using their patented FAST-technologies and lead the way in aerodynamic frame design. Inspired by nature, based on facts and in-the-field-experience, Ridley still strives to design and build better bicycles. High-end bikes, tested and developed under the hardest conditions in Belgium, the heart of cycling. 

Make Your Ridley Unique with the Ridley Custom Bike Builder!

One of the most exciting features of the Ridley brand is the ability to create a unique bike that perfectly reflects your personality and style. This has been a Ridley feature since its inception back in 1997 and is still the cornerstone of the Ridley Brand. Ridley believes you should set yourself apart from the crowd, why ride the same colour and design as everyone else? Be unique and stand out!

With the Ridley customiser and bike builder program you can choose your frame and paint layout, decide a colour combination to fit your taste and build your bike with the components and wheel upgrades of your choice. Once you’ve chosen your frame, design, paint scheme, and components, your local dealer will place the order and your dream machine will be delivered within 5-9 working days! All customised bikes are painted locally and assembled by your Ridley Dealer right here in Australia! 

No matter which custom build you go for, be prepared for your bike to take over the spotlight! Whether you're in the middle of your local peloton surrounded by a sea of mainstream bikes and styles or chilling at the café after a leisurely spin, all eyes will be on your prize machine. 

To check out the almost endless colour combinations and options simply head to the Ridley Bike Builder Via FESports.com.au/BikeBuilder or for more information and to discuss all the available custom Ridley options in person head to your closest Ridley Dealer using the FE Sports Store Locator.