February 23rd, 2021
FE Sports

absoluteBLACK GRAPHENwax: First Pliable Hot Melt Wax Lubricant

The World's first Pliable hot melt chain wax formula with Graphene for use in crockpots is here.

Given the great success of our GRAPHENlube, we have learned that a portion of riders simply prefers hot waxing their chains to maintain the “clean look” of a drivetrain. However, regular paraffin waxing has plenty of drawbacks and this is why we have created the GRAPHENwax.

It is a super pliable, non-crumble, quiet, clean and extremely easy to break-in formula. It exhibits excellent durability whilst maintaining impressively low friction for a prolonged period of time, in both, wet and dry conditions. Besides, it is by far the easiest wax to break-in after the chain cools down – simply hold your chain in one hand and then run it between the two fingers of your free hand (as seen in our video) and job done. No more solid paraffin sticks or backpedalling issues. Our wax does not crumble, chip or leave any marks thanks to our proprietary formula. It is everything you ever wished for in a hot melt wax.

The GRAPHENwax and our World Tour winning GRAPHENlube go very well together. If you plan longer rides you can "top it up" with GRAPHENlube. The chain will not require re-cleaning.


Unlike other hot melt waxes, the GRAPHENwax not only exhibits lowest friction, but it also lasts longer and is much easier to use. Not to mention it produces an impressively quiet drivetrain. Usually after dipping the chain in melted wax, you need to wait until the chain cools down and then painstakingly break every chain link so the chain can be flexible again, leaving a crumbled mess behind and particles on the frame and crank.

With GRAPHENwax we have reinvented this process.

After the chain cools down, you only need to run it between your fingers along its entire length, and the chain is broken-in leaving almost no pieces of wax behind. Our wax does not crumble during the chain movement either, meaning that you have more wax protecting the drivetrain for longer. It can also withstand those hot days where other wax lubricants simply melt off your chain. The GRAPHENwax will also not stain your fingers when handling the chain and it is the quietest wax coating you will use. It is a "dream come true" of hot melt wax lubricant.


Why we don’t use Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) nor Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) additives

While these substances can exhibit super low friction, they do it only in vacuum or inert gas. In normal humid air, they have not only high friction but also have very short life because of the rapid oxidation process. Using these additives in chain lubricant, where water is often present, is pointless. We also do not use any oils or paraffin oils in the mixture because it adversely impacts the friction.


GRAPHENwax benefits in a nutshell:

*You do not have to painstakingly manipulate the chain links anymore to get the chain flexibility back. Just run your fingers once along the chain length and job done.

*It is the most quiet hot melt wax you will ever use.

*It does not flake off like other waxes, which means no more mess once you put the chain on the bike.

* You do not have to loosen the chain off as you do with other waxes. From get go you can easily back pedal.

*It is quiet for a long time because it sticks better to the side of link plates enhancing the shifting performance.

*It melts faster in the crockpot - saving you time.

*Lasts longer thanks to the wax flexibility and Graphene additive.

*Delivers an incredibly low friction.

*Does not melt off your chain on a hot day.