September 11th, 2020
FE Sports

Find 100% Protection that Best Suits Your Riding


There when you need it with comfort to forget it; Our elbow and knee protection offers levels with comfort so you can ride all day and not think twice about throwing your pads on.

Ranging from a light trail option to a burly, level 2 rated option, we have all riders covered when talent runs thin. We get it, it happens. It is now our job to best defend in all circumstances. 




The Ridecamp(left) is your simple, sleek and effective option for your cross country and light trail needs. Whereas the Teratec(right) defends in higher regards; ready for bigger, all mountain/enduro hits. Both utilize a sleeve base for ultimate comfort and are designed with the principle of having the right materials in the right places.


Ride all day and enjoy every second of it. Uncomfortable pads are a thing of the past.


The Surpass(left) and the Fortis(right) utilize fortified plastic shields on the outside of the internal protection allowing for better sliding capabilities at higher speeds. The Fortis is our only option that is not a slip on pad and features two elastic straps with a security calf strap to make sure the pad stays in place. Also featuring this strap is the Surpass, which passes impact testing with the highest rating, Level 2 protection.


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